The Places Most Recognizable Landmarks in the World

There are many recognizable landmarks which have been introduced in the world. However, there only few iconic landmarks that may let mention natural wonder or an architectural site. Really right, these famous landmarks are categorically amid the most recognizable all over the world. Let count how many of them you may have seen?.

Please get a look the largest Art Deco sculpture in the world that so far has been converted into an icon of Rio. This is not only an impressive because of its size, but also the nature, as seen, and surrounding Christ the Redeemer such as Sugarloaf Mountain. You may reach there by a cable car and is also nearby and wonderful scene opens from the top of the hill. There still the other landmark sites that may be appeared in following site as seen in images.
Via : Christ the Redeemer  | placestoseeinyourlifetime

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Most Recognizable Landmarks in the World

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