The Best Amazing places : the Favorite Seaside Town in Spain

Being viewed at scenes, there are so beautiful and favorite seaside town in Spain. This beautiful seaside does possess the Basque country, and it is located nearby the Bay of Biscay. Note that it frequently statuses amid the best European resort cities, for instance, curvy strip of soft sand gives great beaches to sunbath and swim in the warm water. Yet, courageous visitors may adore a variety of water sports comprising kayaking, surfing and water skiing.
Based on history, this city was founded in the 12th century and its old own town is packed with architectural monuments. Note that San Sebastian is reputed for its district cuisine such as local specialty, an appetizer made of fresh vegetables, meats and seafood. Indeed, the town might have been hosted for a number of events, and the most famous creature such as the San Sebastian Film Festival and the Jazz Festival.
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Photo by Monte Igueldo Hotel