This is the one message Create Worlds For Animals To Live In Without Cruelty

Now I want to show kinds of animal a lot of in the world that lose and to tell you to keep all kinds don’t kills all animal . Because of the animal all most will lose so all of you can help to keep of animal. the animals living on ground of wonderful that you know, but many people can be cruel, stupid, with animal happy to kill it . the all kind animal will lose like this Elephant , monkey , fish big , I feel sad as well, that I have to be part of that species. I wish to keep all kind of animal living on the ground and fight anyone who kills animals. I do not have any respect for those who don’t have respect for Mother Nature. You know animal is part of Mother Nature. so all of you living on the world any where don’t kill animals . Please keep it all to gather.
Source | Bored panda